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Meal Basis - BB = Bed & Breakfast / HB = Dinner, Bed & Breakfast / D = Dinner Only

Chernobyl By Air Tour Itinerary


DAY 1 (D) – Flights from London to Kiev (other airports may be available on request). 

After arrival in Kiev airport and once you've cleared customs and immigration, transfer to Kiev and the Mercure Kyiv Congress hotel where you'll meet up with the 'driving tour' and other members of the group at dinner at the hotel.

DAY 4 (BB) - Kiev to London

Morning check out from the hotel (baggage can be stored) with some free time to explore Kiev before heading back to the airport for your flight back to London.

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DAY 2 (HB) - Kiev to Chernobyl - Mileage approx. 85 miles

Departing Kiev and the hotel after breakfast, today you'll leave your car in the security of the hotel car park and depart on our escorted tour to Chernobyl. Our tour starts with a 2-hour drive to the Zone, en-route you will receive a complimentary newspaper from 1986 and watch a documentary about the Chernobyl disaster. Today you'll explore together the city of Chernobyl, the panorama of the infamous power plant and then head to the ghost town of Pripyat where you'll see the main square and abandoned playground with the still standing Ferris wheel and show you a radioactive hotspot, albeit from a safe distance. In the evening you'll enjoy a traditional Ukrainian dinner and later you can chat with your guide. local workers and the rest of the group. The remainder of the day is at leisure to enjoy a skyline view or explore some places that will leave you with lasting memories that you will never never experience again. Overnight is at the Hotel Pripyat with dinner included.

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DAY 11 (HB) - Chernobyl to Kiev - Mileage approx. 85 miles

A second day touring the area around Chernobyl, today the emotional highlight of the tour is a short visit to the self-settlers also known as the Chernobyl Babushkas, who will not just share their personal stories with you, but also gladly show you their living conditions (which still looks like it's from the Soviet era) and maybe even offer you some home-made goodies. Before leaving the zone late afternoon you'll pass the last of the 7 dosimetric controls. Arrival back in Kiev and the Mercure Kyiv Congress hotel should be late afternoon/early evening, again with dinner included at the hotel.

Safety Information - All of the guides on this tour are fully trained, Geiger-Muller counters (dosimeters) and Dosimetric control is implemented at least twice a day to ensure your safety throughout your time in Chernobyl.

The radiation level in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone is on average slightly higher than the natural background radiation, however the dose of radiation received in 2 days spent in Chernobyl and Pripyat won’t exceed 8 microsieverts, which equates to 4% the daily nuclear power plant safety norms in EU, which is the equivalent to around 7 hours on an intercontinental flight.