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This 13 Day Tour encompasses some of the most spectacular passes in Europe, including The Great Dolomite Road, the Stelvio Pass and the Grossglockner High Alpine Road and provides a perfect introduction to some the greatest roads in Europe. As you make your way through Switzerland and in to the Italian Tyrol the scenery gets better and better as you pass through valley's dotted with rolling green pastures, picturesque villages and steep mountain trails.

The Great Dolomite Road runs through the Dolomites from Bozen to Cortina d’Ampezzo. The Great Dolomite Road project started at the end of the 19th century after trying for several years to cross over the canyons of the Eggental Valley using suspension bridges. The originator of the project was the Viennese Dr. Theodor Christomannos, who first proposed to connect the Austrian Dolomites with a road. In 1896 the road from the Eggental Valley to the Karerpass was fully developed and, since 1909, the 110-kilometres long road has run from Bozen over the Eggental Valley to the Fassa Valley in Trentino and further on to Veneto and Cortina d’Ampezzo.Today, you can make the 110 kilometre journey from Bolzano to Cortina d'Ampezzo in just a few short hours, but you will want to give yourself the full day so you don't miss any of the spectacular scenery and breathtaking views.


We have always been impressed by the sheer EFFORT your team have put into the company, & long may it continue.  In these difficult trading times, it is simply wonderful to see a business succeed and grow in a decidedly niche area;  every customer of yours we've met has been brimming over with praise, even when the odd hiccup has arisen [as they will with this sort of activity] so Jenny & I look forward to more adventures at home & abroad with Bob, Kieran & their colleagues, whatever name is on their Tee Shirts. Very Best wishes Brian & Jenny Osborne


Attractions Along the Way


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The Stelvio Pass

The Grossglockner High Alpine Road

The Amazing Great Dolomite Road

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What's Included

• Return P&O Ferry crossing from Dover to Calais

(other crossings available on request)

• 1 Night at the Hotel du Golf, Chamouille, France

• 1 Night at the Best Western Grand Bristol, Colmar, France

• 2 Nights at the Hotel Stocker, South Tyrol, Italy

• 1 Night at the Franceschi Park Hotel Cortina d’Ampezzo

• 3 Nights at the Kroneck Hotel, Kirchberg in Tyrol, Austria

• 1 Night at the Klingenstein Hotel, Blaustein, Germany

• 2 Nights at the V8 Hotel, Stuttgart, Germany

• 1 Night at the Van der Valk Hotel, Verviers, Belgium

• 12 Breakfasts & 10 Evening Meals - including Welcome Dinner on the First Evening

• Detailed Road Book featuring Maps, Great Drives

& Local Attractions

• Car Parking at all hotels (some charges may apply)

• Commemorative Tour Rally Plate

The Grossglockner High Alpine Road is the highest paved mountain pass road in Austria and is one of the most scenic drives you'll find in Europe. As with all the popular road in the Alps it can be crowded with tourists on a sunny summer days. If you are in the search for maximum driving pleasure and empty roads we recommend getting there early morning or mid/late afternoon. Ensure you make your way right up to Kaiser-Franz-Josefs-Hotel at (2369m), where you'll get great views of the Pasterze Glacier. The road also takes you up on the Hochtor Pass (2504m) with incredible sweeping corners through the amazing alpine landscape. It costs €34 per car, this is payable at the toll booth, but don't worry because after you have finished your drive we're sure you'll agree that it was money well spent.

The Stelvio Pass is officially the third highest pass in the Alps (2757m) and possibly the most dramatic mountain passes to drive in the European Alps.Unlike many mountain passes where approaching from either direction offers a similar experience, with the Stelvio, it's best approached from the north west side. It's only by coming from this direction you get to drive up the Stelvio Pass' famous wall of switchbacks and we know from experience is that it's always a lot more fun than heading down. It's also by approaching from this side you get to run through the heart of the Stelvio National Park itself before starting the ascent, this run takes you through several great stretches of alpine forest and miles of fast sweeping roads before arriving at the foot of the pass. Once on the pass, each of the turns are numbered with stones, so at least you get to count your arrival to the top.

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Hitler's Eagles Nest, Austria

Eagles Nest